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At very early stage, when there were beginning of the cryptocurrency, it was initially considered as criminal currency or dark web. All of these digital currencies like bitcoin, etherium, litecoin, ripple, neo etc. are based on blockchain technology, and in current time more than 3000 types of digital currency existing worldwide.


And now a day, there is a surge of bitcoin and other ALT COIN everywhere, as the time went on the value of the bitcoin or other cryptocurrency started to rise and now mass number of people wanted to trade, hold and use of BTC(BITCOIN) or other Alt coin.

Now the surge of bitcoin is above the head of mass population cause it is universally traded and many countries legalized its trading and holding where as some countries like India STILL not legalized (it and in india the matter of this digital currency is in SUPREME COURT OF INDIA) and it becomes international digital currency but decentralized, and the another reason of the popularity behind this bitcoin is now it’s also a payment system, you can get some services and product through paying of bitcoin.

The surge of bitcoin now a days is so high all around the globe and hence there are many different bitcoin wallets and exchanges existing and its number increase day by day. And many businesses including big one accepting bitcoin payment system. Now it is not rare to find a surgeon who is accepting bitcoin payment, and even cannabis companies that do most of their work through bitcoin payments.

You will be surprised to know that there are many brand name businesses existing now a day that accepting bitcoin as payment worldwide. On the other face due to high volatility of price of bitcoin, it made very difficult for some big branded companies to deal their product and services via bitcoin payment. Companies like Microsoft, virgin atlantic, and steam are no longer willing to accept bitcoin payment.

Even its high volatile price the craze of bitcoin is not over. Still some big companies are existing that accept bitcoin payment system, here is the list of some companies that accept bitcoin payment system:-

1] OVERSTOCK:- it deals with furniture, bedding, jewelry and cloths as online store and sipping in many countries. It accept bitcoin payments system and for this it tied up with COINBASE for payment gateway.

2] VIRGIN GALACTIC:- Recently virgin atlantic stopped bitcoin payment option, while virgin galactic still accepting bitcoin payments. And to date virgin galactic has no any kind of indication for stopping BITCOIN payment.

3] EXPEDIA :- Airline companies not accepting bitcoin while air ticket booking companies as expedia still doing this but you can book only hotels right now with bitcoin, but it may be possible in nearby future to book a flight tickets using your bitcoin. It has tied up with COINBASE for payment gateway.

4] NEWEGG:- It is one of the biggest companies for buying and selling tech gear, and it accepting bitcoin as a payment, but you will have very limited products and services that you can buy through bitcoin payments, due to price volatility.

5] NAMECHEAP:- It deals with the domain name and hosting. It is one of the company in the field of domain name and web hosting that provide their product and services with bitcoin payment. Due to this namecheap also gain some popularity.

6] eGifter:- eGifter now allows you to transform your bitcoin into a gift cards at the store of your choice. Some other companies also doing this like : Sephora, home depot.

7] ZYNGA:- It’s a game company and it also accept bitcoin payments.

8] ETSY:- There are approx. 90 different etsy businesses that accept bitcoin payment.

9] DISH (DISH NETWORK):- It is the largest company that accepts bitcoin payment. And most surprisingly, DISH has not had any issues when it came to the bitcoins volatility.

10] CRAIGSLIST:- It’s a online bulletin board and sales marketplace, recently it announced it will join all the other businesses that accept bitcoin payment. This news first leaked when craigslist started to allow a “bitcoin OK” option for sellers.

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  1. Your article looking very attractive sir….. And it contains lot of information I’m very glad to hear this news… A very positive news for bitcoin.

  2. It seems that you are very laborious anurag sir…. Its a very good news for crypto lover.

    If indian court will allow it.. I’m also interested.. to do some work with cryptocurrency.

  3. I read it from .. someone tagged me for this article, and after reading this article I’m very happy about bitcoin, as these news gives us faith in cryptocurrency.

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