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Bleeding from gums (gingiva), It can also be a sign of a serious medical condition or gum disease.

About 60% of the population have experienced bleeding gums at least once or more than once in their life.

About 1 in 3 people think that bleeding gum is normal but it is not normal. Cause it indicates beginning of the destructive process involving the supporting tissue around the tooth or some serious underlying systemic problems.

But sometimes it may be normal if you brush your teeth too vigorously or wearing ill-fitting dentures. But always keep in mind frequent gum bleeding indicates serious medical condition.



  • Poor oral hygiene _ gingivitis:- accumulation of plaque on the gingival margin for long time leads to GINGIVITIS , and this gingivitis makes your gum more prone to bleeding.
  • Brushing too hard or vigorously to your teeth.
  • Improper flossing.
  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy.
  • ill fitting dentures or other dental appliances.
  • Infections, related to tooth or gums/gingiva.
  • Use of blood thinner.
  • Due to LEUKEMIA.
  • Due to SCURVY.
  • Due to deficiency of vitamin K.
  • It may be due to Thrombocytopenia.
  • It may be due to Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura.
  • Blood Clotting Factor V , VII and X deficiency.
  • Any trauma to your gums.
  • It’s believed that emotional stress may also cause some people to neglect their oral health, which can contribute to the accumulation of plaque, which leads to bleeding gums.
  • Use of tobacco for too long time (whole night and sometimes for more than this) with high lime.
  • Smoking can lower your body’s immune system, making it harder for your body to fight off plaque bacteria. This can lead to bleeding gums or other gum disease.
  • Sometime it may occur due to bite larger size of any hard food or fruits. (i.e. a complete round big apple ).



  • Generally bleeding gums diagnosed clinically or you can see bleeding intra-orally through your eyes.
  • But for other gum/gingiva related disease which causes bleeding gums like LEUKEMIA, SCURVY, DEFICIENCY OF VITAMIN K , requires laboratory test.


    1] HOME CARE

A) Brush your teeth:- Brushing with a soft-bristle or ultra-soft bristle toothbrush will prevent your gums from trauma due to brushing, which prevent bleeding gums. (Your dentist will tell you the effective brushing techniques.)

B) Floss your teeth Daily:- It removes plaque and food particles that may be under the gum line and lead to bleeding gums. (Your dentist will tell the technique of flossing your teeth)

C) Rinse your mouth:- rinse your mouth with mouth wash like chlorhexidine or hydrogen peroxide, but always remember please do not use it for continuously too long time ( more than 15 days) otherwise it will discolor your tooth. It will prevent in plaque accumulation and prevent bleeding from gums.

D) Quit smoking:- Quitting smoking can help your gums heal and stop bleeding.

E) Reduce stress level:- it also help in prevention of bleeding gums.

F) Increase intake of vitamin “C” and “K”.

G) Eat food by cutting it in a small fragment. (eg. Cut an apple in small fragment).


 If bleeding from your gum is severe or it occurs since many days or it does not respond to home care, you must consult DENTIST nearest to you. Your dentist will treat it properly or they can refer you to other medical professionals according to requirement for other related disease.

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